Gate Control System with Obstacle Detector

Synopsis(MINOR) Micro-controller  based  gate control system with obstacle detector. 1)Micro-controller(i.e.8051,PIC,AVR) 2)LCD 3)Gate

Manual Control Robot with Obstacle Detection

Synopsis(MINOR) micro-controller  based  manual control robot with obstacle detection. 1)Micro-controller(i.e.8051,PIC,AVR) 2)Robot 3)LCD
wireless robot

Wireless Control Device Using RF Module

Synopsis (MINOR) wireless control device using RF module by using micro-controller  with embedded C programming. 1)Micro-controller(i.e.8051,PIC, AVR, ARDUINO) 2)LCD 3)RF module  (RX, TX)      INTRODUCTION: […]
stepper motor projects

Conveyor Belt Control using Steper motor.

Synopsis(MINOR) micro-controller  based  conveyor belt control using steper motor with embedded C programming. 1)Micro-controller(i.e.8051,PIC,AVR) 2)LCD 3)Conveyor belt 4)Stepper motor 5)ULN2803.

PC controlled system with Serial communication

Synopsis(MINOR) micro-controller  based  PC controlled system with Serial communication. 1)Micro-controller(i.e.8051,PIC,AVR) 2)LCD 3)MAX232.

Password controlled device with embedded C programming

Synopsis(MINOR) PIC micro-controller  based  password controlled device with embedded C programming 1)Micro-controller(i.e.8051,PIC,AVR) 2)LCD 3)ULN2803.